The Soares dos Reis National Museum (MNSR) will have free admission until February 3rd, when it opens the temporary exhibition “Seja Dia Seja Noite Pouco Importa” (Be it day or night, it matters not), curated by Pedro Calapez.

The decision is related to the fact that a significant part of the facilities has restricted access, due to the setting up of the permanent exhibition, whose opening is scheduled for the end of the first quarter.

Until February 3rd, visitors will be able to visit the temporary exhibition DEPOSITORIUM 2, which explores the themes of Art and Medicine, with pieces chosen by representatives of the University of Porto.

There is also free access to the commentary sessions on the Peça do Mês (Piece of the Month), chosen by the followers of the MNSR's social media. During the month of January, the work on display will be the oil on canvas Vendedor de Estatuetas, by the romantic painter João Cristino da Silva, from the collection of Fernando de Castro. There will be a commentary session on January 20th and 25th, at 1:30 pm.

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