The Skate Park of Parque Desportivo de Ramalde/INATEL reopened earlier this week to the public, although with several restrictions in terms of its capacity, distance between users and mandatory prior appointment.

The municipal company Ágora - Cultura e Desporto do Porto opened the Skate Park to the city, this Monday, May 18th. After the athletics track, this is the second facility to reopen in the Parque Desportivo de Ramalde/INATEL complex.

As with the sports track, the activity returning to Skate Park presupposes a set of preventive measures that aim to minimise the risks of transmission of the novel coronavirus.

This gradual resumption of outdoor physical activity is the result of the lifting of the lockdown by the Government and the transition to the Sate of Calamity, within the scope of the pandemic by COVID-19.

In accordance with the guidelines by Direcção-Geral da Saúde- DGS (Directorate-General for Health) and in line with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of last April 30thÁgora created a Procedures Manual that stipulates a set of measures and recommendations, in order to safeguard athletes’ physical activity in terms of hygiene, safety and health. These measures may be updated.

In the case of Skate Park, its use is only allowed as long as the following measures are observed:

> The maximum instantaneous capacity is reduced to 10 users, with only five being able to perform their stunts simultaneously;

> Compliance of a minimum distancing of three meters among users;

> It is forbidden to share material and equipment, including sessions with personal trainers;

> Using the Skate Park of Parque Desportivo de Ramalde / INATEL is subject to prior appointment, by calling 930 609 318;

> The frequency period is limited to 50 minutes per user and per period (morning and afternoon);

> It remains into effect and all other rules of the Regulation for using the Skate Park and Parque Desportivo de Ramalde / INATEL must be followed, unless expressly excluded by the rules and instructions of this Manual.

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