If you were curious to see inside the office of the rector of the University of Porto or visit the Botanical Garden without leaving your sofa, know that it is already possible. U.Porto has 3D virtual tours that allow access, from any computer, to some of the most restricted and iconic spaces of the institution.

Through the Casa Comum website, the doors of the remarkable Historical Building of the University of Porto are opened. In the comfort of their own homes, visitors are shown the main staircase, the imposing Noble Hall, the walls full of portraits of the Council Room, but entry is also allowed to the private office of the rector, António de Sousa Pereira.

It is a house of corridors and corridors of great cultural and artistic value, that even the pandemic cannot close, and that also offers an exclusive piano concert to those who arrive.

But the University's heritage is not limited to the Rectory of the University of Porto. This first step of the institution's virtual mapping project includes, for now, a stroll to the Botanical Garden to get to know (or watch again) the doors of the Galeria da Biodiversidade - Centro Ciência Viva, Jardim dos Jotas and Jardim do Xisto.

The “ticket” also includes the visit to the Abel Salazar House-Museum to see the furniture pieces, portraits and the entire painting, drawing and print collection of the historic scientist who gives name to the Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas of the University of Porto (ICBAS) to enter your house.

Despite this novelty, in-person visits to the Rectorate are still active and equally free. Reservations must be made via the email cultura@reit.up.pt

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