The city of Porto is part of the Iacobus Maris regatta route, whose sailboats will recreate the voyage of the apostle Saint James’ body from Israel to Galicia. It will be on the banks of the Douro River that, in mid-July, the penultimate stopover of the vessels is made, for two days.

Santiago de Compostela in 2021 celebrates the Xacobeo again, a holy year for the Catholic tradition, which is celebrated whenever July 25th, the day of the apostle who gives name to the Galician capital, coincides with a Sunday. The celebrations, which due to the pandemic will last, for the first time, for two years, include a large-scale regatta with stopover in Porto from 17 to 19 July.

Called Iacobus Maris, the sea route will recreate the voyage of Saint James the Greater’s body and will pass through four countries. The route will start at the Israeli port of Jaffa, with two 70-feet boats crossing the entire Mediterranean Sea heading to Genoa.

From the Italian city, a fleet of large sailboats is expected to depart on June 24th towards Valencia, arriving on July 1st. From there, they will proceed to the south of Spain, through the river Guadalquivir, should dock in Seville two days later.

On July 10th, the entourage will finally head to Porto, including sailing up the Douro with stopover on July 17th. The boats will be moored for two days and can be visited by the people of Porto.

The voyage will end a week later in Vigo, followed by a road trip to Santiago de Compostela, on July 25th.

With a total of 3,400 nautical miles, it is officially presented as "the longest Jacobean pilgrimage in history".

The initiative is organised by the Regional Government of Galicia and the Traslatio Foundation, with the support of Porto City Hall and Porto & North of Portugal Tourism Board.

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