Porto for kids and grown-ups

Looking for a city to travel with your family? Porto is the perfect choice, here grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, everyone has their own space! Relax, play, and stroll with your family while enjoying the discounts that Porto.CARD has for you.

A visit to the aquarium is always an outing that appeals to everyone. Truly feel like a fish in the water and see the various inhabitants of SEA LIFE Porto (30% discount), sharks, octopuses, rays, penguins, seahorses, clown fish, and many more. Wake the little ones up to the importance of preserving the oceans while watching the animals at feeding time.

Enjoy some family time and experience something unique in Portugal: at Furnas (underground) in Alfândega do Porto, you will get to know the legends and stories of the city through the immersive exhibition Porto Legends (Full ticket: 2€ discount, reduced ticket: 1€ discount). A true experience that everyone will love!

Boats are always admired by children. Go on 6 bridges Cruise on the Douro River with Douro Acima (20% discount) and observe the colourful buildings along the banks of the Douro River. The little ones love to wave to people strolling along the pier.

A family day asks for a break for ice cream at Gelataria La Copa (15% discount). Delight everyone and discover the delicious natural flavours available. It will be hard to choose your favourite.

If you are a family that likes sports, you must visit Futebol Clube do Porto Museum  and Dragão Stadium (10% discount). Get to know the 120 years of history of one of the clubs in the Invicta city, and be impressed by the technologically advanced and interactive exhibition.

We know that walking and exploring the city is not always easy when traveling with children, but in Porto this is not a problem. See all the nooks and crannies of the city, from the Historic Centre, to Foz do Douro, across the riverside area, through a Tuk Tuk guided tour by TukTour (10% discount).

Leave one of the days of your family trip for a walk in nature: surround yourself with animals in what is the greenest zoological park in the north part of the country: Santo Inácio Zoo (25% discount on individual tickets only). The little ones will love the show with the birds of prey and watch the lions from the famous lion tunnel.

Finally, you cannot leave out the best of traditional cuisine. At Lado B Café (10% discount) you can delight yourself with what was considered the best francesinha in the world. Here there are francesinhas for all tastes, more or less spicy, with or without egg, vegetarian and even with pork.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your family trip today and do not forget to buy Porto.CARD. With these suggestions, you can save up to 18.70€ / per adult (does not include ice creams at La Copa, nor meals at Lado B).

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