Porto is included in the list of 88 cities worldwide considered to be environmental leaders, developed by the international organisation CDP - Disclosure, Insight, Action.

According to the published list, the city of Porto is on the “A list”, which means that the organisation responsible for the inventory, considered as one of the most respected internationally, recognises the efforts made by the Municipality to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and build resilience to the impacts of climate change.

In 2020, the city of Porto thus becomes part of the shortlist of urban centres that "are working to become resilient, healthy and prosperous places to live and work, while cutting emissions and rapidly building resilience against the climate crisis”, can be read in the document, released by the news agency Lusa last Monday.

The organisation, which contacted the Mayor of Porto, quotes him in the report. “Porto is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 50% by 2030. The role of cities in mitigating and adapting to climate change is absolutely crucial, leading by example, involving companies, universities and citizens to achieve the global goals established in the Paris Agreement”, pointed out Rui Moreira.

The mayor also underlines the investments made in energy efficiency, renewable energy production and bioclimatic retrofitting in public buildings, as well as public transport with zero carbon emissions, to make Porto “healthier, more ecological, more sustainable and more resistant”.

In a particularly difficult year, and despite the pressures of tackling the pandemic that CDP has highlighted, there are 34 European municipalities on the A list, which reveals a greater proliferation of North American cities. In Europe, Denmark has the highest number of cities with the best score, six in total. In second place is Sweden (five), Finland (four) and then Spain and Portugal, with three cities each. In addition to Porto, the cities of Braga and Águeda are included this year.

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