The young Brazilian photographer Christian Baes travelled and photographed, in 14 months, the "Noites do Norte" (Northern Nights). The work is now on display at the Dona Mira space, in Bonfim.

When Christian arrived in Portugal it was in this bar, which also has become a cultural space, that he found a connection to his roots and a "second home" where he can enjoy a little of his country's culture and music.

The owners of Dona Mira, Carlos Fuchs and Valéria Lobão, a couple of Brazilian musicians who came to Portugal in 2018, invited him to exhibit his work alongside the literature, music and portraits by other artists that grace the walls of this space for meeting and sharing culture.

The 26 photographs selected for this exhibition can be found on the walls of Dona Mira, at 431, Rua Duque de Saldanha, in Porto, until May 21st, from Monday to Friday, between 12 pm and 10 pm, and on Saturdays, between 10 am and 10 pm.

Travelling through six districts - Porto, Braga, Vila Real, Viseu, Bragança and Viana do Castelo - and over 19 municipalities in the region, the photographer documented a photographic itinerary that includes several landscapes, historical monuments and points of interest, with the aim of presenting, in a poetic and symbolic way, part of the culture and beauty of the north of Portugal, through the lens of the magic of the night and from an outsider's perspective.

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