The city of Porto goes now much beyond the wine that made it famous – Port Wine. In Portugal’s second largest city you can visit its prestigious past, but also try some of its bustling, rich and attractive present, featuring entertainment, architecture, and spreading towards the Douro region that presents a singular wine-inspired offer. These are the views of the New York Times, publishing a proposal to enjoy the city along 36 hours.

With the help of this Tourism Portal we invite you to get to know this New York Times proposal better, as well as its most significant items.  

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Friday, end of the afternoon

From Porto’s Historical Area leaves the typical tram for a sightseeing tour alongside the river Douro up to the Passeio Alegre Garden. A pleasant walk awaits you up to reach the Atlantic, by the sea enjoy ing a well-deserved pause at a terrace, with a magnificent view.

At dinner, forget your diet and try a Francesinha, a specialty from Porto cooked by the DOP restaurant with the highest quality and in an innovative way, besides other equally extraordinary dishes, paired with an excellent wine selection.

To cheer up your night after a delicious meal you will find some meters down the street the Hard Club, settled in the renewed Ferreira Borges Market, featuring music and shows of various kinds.


Begin your day paying a visit to the most emblematic market in the city - the Bolhão Market, a building with an exquisite structure where you will find all kinds of fresh products in the most traditional environment.

Leaving the city centre towards the Boavista area you will pass by the Miguel Bombarda quarter, where you will find many different galleries, shops and restaurants under the arts theme, offering appealing alternatives. One of them is the restaurant Bugo Art Burgers, where hamburgers seem “culinary collages made with local materials”, exposing original ways to cook them and present them.

In the afternoon it’s shopping time, but in a different shopping centre, sophisticated and innovative, mostly dedicated to Portuguese independent creators -   Bombarda Shopping Centre – also located within the arts quarter.

Once in the Boavista area the Casa da Música won’t leave you indifferent. This is a meteorite that landed on the city, comprising a set of whorls and angles, and presenting an architectural work of art and a music Mecca where you can appreciate superb performances.

For dinner, the suggestion takes place back in the city centre, focused on a literary restaurant - Book, opened recently and offering new Portuguese cuisine - already a bestseller.

When the night falls you must join the group. Around the Clérigos quarter there are many bars where groups of different ages and styles meet, providing a pleasant gathering throughout the night. At this time, streets like Cândido dos Reis become the meeting point in Porto.

Sunday morning

In the Serralves Foundation you will find art everywhere: the Serralves Park, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Serralves Villa.

When you visit Porto you can’t miss going to the Port Wine Cellars. In Sandeman Cellars, one of the many Cellars open to the general public, you can get to know the history of Port Wine and taste this delicious and famous wine.

Near the cellars you will also find the wine hotel The Yeatman, providing different kinds of exclusive and high quality services under the wine theme, with special mention to the The Yeatman restaurant and the Spa Vinothérapie® Caudalie.

Porto also comprises varied accommodation options for different preferences and prices.

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    Last updated 2022-12-06

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Dotada de uma rede de acessibilidades em franca expansão é possível chegar facilmente à cidade de avião, autocarro, automóvel, barco, comboio ou metro.


O Porto é um dos destinos turísticos mais antigos da Europa e a riqueza do seu património artístico, o Vinho do Porto, os vastos espaços dedicados ao lazer e a sua vida cultural são apenas alguns dos motivos que convidam a visitar a cidade.

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Aqui encontra alguns dados essenciais sobre o Porto, bem como a referência a vários serviços públicos e privados disponíveis.


É fácil deslocar-se nos limites da cidade com recurso aos transportes públicos ou em viatura própria ou alugada.

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