As part of Programa de Arte Urbana do Porto (Porto Street Art Programme), the new artistic interventions in the Mural da Rua da Restauração are beginning to take shape. Developed by seven artists, the murals seek to take street art to the community, transforming city spaces into open-air museums. Projects are available for one year.

These days, the 14 support modules of the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal have returned to being blank canvas to receive the new illustrations that will emerge in the different shades of green.

Spread over 70 meters of Rua da Restauração, the creations designed by the hands of Diogo Pintampum, Low Class Club, Matilde Cunha, Leonor Violeta, Mariana Bento (Malva), Tiago de Carvalho (Oaktree) and Henrikas Riškas now make it more cheerful and colourful this street of the city.

The choice of artists to intervene in the fifth phase of the Collective Mural was the responsibility of the members of the jury, made up of the urban artist Hazul (curator of the programme), Ricardo Cannatá (architect) and André Carvalho (Circus Network).

The creations will remain for a year in this space of the city and follow a set of rules that include the use of a common palette, in order to create a visual homogeneity on the mural. Green being the colour chosen in this edition, artists were also able to use various shades.

Inaugurated in 2014, at the initiative of the Porto City Hall, via the municipal company Ágora - Cultura e Desporto, the Programa de Arte Urbano do Porto aims to contribute to the dissemination and awareness of creative street art output, encouraging its practice within an authorised institutional setting. More than freeing walls, this programme established a new and closer relationship between the artistic community, the territory and its inhabitants, making this form of expression an everyday experience, capable of transforming the city's landscape.

Thanks to the initiative, more than 80 artistic interventions have been carried out in the public space of the city of Porto, among works of ephemeral or permanent nature, in their most diverse expressions, involving more than sixty artists, new and established, national and international.

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