Textures of Porto”, Porto’s new promotional video, aims to show details of a city filled with lights, shadows, reflections, colours and textures, rich in visual details to stimulate the senses and show the city from a different perspective than usual.

Porto is a city full of widely known points of interest, but also rich in textures that carve the distinctive character of its streets, parks, buildings and infrastructures.

There are many details not to be missed, but which often escape the more casual gaze of residents and visitors alike. It's a closer look, but also very subjective, that this new promotional film aims to convey.

Here, it calls for sensory immersion, through the constant synaesthesia illustrated in the different shots, which express various sensory perceptions, almost giving the feeling that we can touch or smell the footage. Portraying the urban landscape from this distinct, but less obvious perspective, contributes to the appreciation of a genuine atmosphere of Porto.

The video “Textures of Porto” is part of a series of 22 promotional videos that the Municipality of Porto is releasing with the aim of disseminating and valuing the city, as well as promoting it locally, nationally and internationally, presenting a captivating Porto in its different dimensions: culture, architecture, heritage, gastronomy, handicrafts, street art, sports, fairs & markets and hospitality.

Watch the full video here!

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