In the academic year that is about to begin, there will be 1341 students from 64 countries attending the institution, under international mobility programmes in higher education.

According to data from the University of Porto, there will be at least 1341 students from 64 countries studying at the institution in the academic year 2021/2022 – at a time when the numbers for the second semester are yet to be closed, notes the Notícias U.Porto portal.

Among the nationalities most represented in the institution's new international “contingent” Brazil stands out, with 283 students, closely followed by Spain (249) and Italy (184).

Germany (118), Poland (75), France (58), Czech Republic (38) and Turkey (31) are other nationalities highlighted in a list that also includes China, South Korea, Iran, Mexico, Nepal, Palestine, Syria, Thailand or Zimbabwe, a total of 64 countries represented.

There are also ten Portuguese students who have chosen to leave their home institutions to complete a period of studies at the U.Porto, under the Almeida Garrett programme.

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