The beginning of the Feira do Livro is getting closer and closer. In the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, the preparations for the city's great literary festival, which takes place between August 28 ans September 13, are being finalised.

The construction of 119 stands where publishers, distributors, booksellers, public and private entities, will sell the best books at the best prices, began a week ago, and the details are being adjusted for the celebration of reading.

Starting a little earlier than usual, still in August, the Feira do Livro continues until September 13th. It will be more than two weeks of pure meeting with the word, in all its forms of expression or presentation: from literature to poetry, from radio to music, converging in a program that is open to "Alegria para o fim do mundo".

A suggestive motto in view of the current moment in world history, which, by the way, comes from one of the resident writers of this edition, Andreia C. Faria, who with Inês Lourenço will share the process of this residence with public at the end of Feira do Livro.

The power of the word in the feminine, wich crosses the whole programme, justifies two of the honorees: the poet Leonor de Almeida, a personality still mysterious to the general public, who will see her name eternalized on Avenida das Tílias, and also the immunologist and poet Maria de Sousa, who recently died a victim of Covid-19.

With entry limited to 3.500 people at a time, the Feira do Livro do Porto, organized by the City Hall in the gardens of Palácio de Cristal since 2014, will be under the vigilance of Fire battalion of Porto, responsible for the special cleaning of the venue.

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