Terms of use and privacy policy

This internet portal (http://visitporto.travel) is the property of the Municipality of Porto, which has its head offices at Praça General Humberto Delgado, 4049-001 Porto, Portugal.

The owner undertakes to respect the privacy of all data that users input, or leave, at the site.

The contents and interactive and transactional services offered through the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal (PT) are supplied by:

  • The Municipality of Porto and/or it subsidiaries;
  • Corporate entities, individuals or associated collectives

1. Availability and use of contents and services


The contents (taken to mean any text, image, video or sound) and the interactive and transactional services offered on the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal (PT) may be copyrighted material or intellectual or industrial property belonging to the Municipality of Porto, other entities, individuals or collectives. The contents of the portal identified as copyrighted or intellectual or industrial property may not be copied, reproduced, modified, displayed, transmitted or disclosed, by any means or for any purpose, without written permission from the Municipality of Porto and/or other entities, individuals or collectives. All issues relating to intellectual property are regulated in accordance with the Copyright and Allied Rights Code, DL 63/85 of 14/03, in its current version and as amended by Law 16/2008, of 01/04.

However, and in principle, users of the PT may copy, distribute, transmit or adapt part or all of the contents of the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal provided that they do not do so for commercial purposes. In such circumstances users of the PT shall be bound by the terms of Creative Commons licence BY-NC-SA 3.0 Portugal (Attribution – Non-Commercial use – Share Alike 3.0 Portugal). If users change, transform or adapt any of the contents, or use them in other works, the resulting work may only be distributed under this same or a similar licence.

All the interactive and transactional services on the PT may be modified without prior notice, and at any time, provided that a change has been made to their legal status or when the PT, or any of its associate entities, so decide to do, in order to ensure the quality and efficiency of the public service offered via this portal. 


2. Hyperlinks to third parties

This site, constructed as a tourism-oriented portal, contains a number of links to other national and international internet sites.

The inclusion of hyperlinks (electronic links) on the PT and other sites should not be interpreted as an offer, from the Municipality of Porto, of the contents and services existing on the portal, nor as a guarantee of the quality or veracity of the same. In accessing these sites, users accept that the Municipality of Porto is not responsible for the security policy, privacy policy, form, content or practices of such sites. Thus, the use of any services or information obtained by following the hyperlinks is entirely at users’ own risk.


3. Non-personal information gathering


We may gather non-personal information relating to users when they interact with the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal. The non-personal information, gathered by means of the connection to our portal, may include the type of content displayed and searched for, the name of the browser, the type of computer and technical information pertaining to users, such as the operating system, the internet services provider used and other similar information. 


4. Cookies


With the aim of offering users a faster and more personalised access to the contents and services provided, the Municipality of Porto may make use of a browser functionality called a cookie. A cookie is a small text file, automatically stored on a user’s computer, which allows this computer to be identified every time it looks up, in this case, the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal. Users may, however, configure their web browsers not to allow the installation of cookies on their computers. However, if users configure this option they may not be able to access some of the services deployed on this site.


5. Banners and publicity


A banner is a rectangular area on the screen used to advertise a product or service and designed to encourage users to click on it to visit the internet site that it connects to. The entities associated with the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal have undertaken to place on the portal only those banners which offer services of obvious interest to users. All users who make use of these banners will remain completely anonymous.


6. Confidentiality


All employees of the Municipality of Porto and its subsidiaries are covered by a confidentiality agreement as regards the data that they have access to while working on the data bases containing user information. They are all fully aware of the need to comply with the legal requirement to maintain such information confidential and understand that they are responsible for complying with this duty of confidentiality.

Due to the nature and objectives of the interactive and transactional services offered on the site, users are required to submit contact and other information that may be considered personal. However, the Municipality of Porto guarantees to users that: 

  • No personal data shall be passed on to third parties without the prior consent of the user in question;
  • None of the personal data with which we are entrusted will be passed on, either freely or commercially, to direct marketing companies or other entities which make use of mailing lists to publicise their products and/or services.

The Municipality of Porto reserves the right to provide aggregated data (such as locality, age and other) for purposes that are of public interest, specifically for the production of statistics.

All national entities involved shall comply with the stipulations of the Personal data Protection Law – Law no. 67/98, of 26th October.

7. Registration of portal users and recording of personal data  


Generally speaking, visitors to the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal do not need to reveal any personal information. There are, however, areas within the portal where users will need to provide some personal information in order to be able to use the services on offer. 

The interactive and transactional services of the Tourism Portal that require the input of personal information, on users’ own initiatives or following an expression of interest, are:

  • Personal Area (recommendations, trip planning, integration or interconnection with services outside the Tourism Portal);
  • Subscription to newsletters
  • Recommending pages
  • Sharing experiences
  • Reporting incorrect Portal data 
  • ‘Contact us’ form
  • Other services

User identification data is collected by means of the filling out of online registration forms, under the strictest possible security conditions.

The data collected by the Tourism Portal are inputted into the computerised data handling system where they are processed automatically and used for portal service management purposes. 

Each interactive or transactional service user is responsible for, and owner of, the data which is provided to the Municipality of Porto. The user controls the amount of information provided and decides when (and under what conditions) the data may, or should, be released to third parties. 

The Municipality of Porto guarantees that users registered on the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal (in the Personal Area) may, in accordance with the terms of Law no. 67/98, of 26th October, access their personal data via their personal page.

Users registered on the portal are, at any time, free to change their personal account data or any other personal information such as identification, contacts and/or profile. To do so, users simply need to access their account (Personal Area) and, after inputting their username and password, update and correct their personal data.

All users registered on the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal expressly undertake to respect the end purpose of the services to which they subscribe, enrol or register and to ensure the correct and confidential use of their username and password.


8. Sharing of personal information 


The Municipality of Porto may transfer information to other sites, within or without the European Union (namely to partner sites and/or other public services), for the sole purpose of attaining the ends for which the services are designed. However, personal information will only be transferred following prior consent from the owner. 


9. Free-to-use services


The services on this site are, in principle, offered to the user without charge. Whenever a service is to be paid for, there will be specific mention of the price/rate to be paid.


10. Interruption to Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal services


The Municipality of Porto cannot be held responsible for any breakdowns of the internet network not occurring on the servers, or in services, directly under its control. However, it may be necessary to interrupt the provision of services in order to carry out restoration and maintenance services, or any other necessary changes to the IT network.


11. Interpretation and disputes


The interpretation of the conditions of use and privacy policy, as well as the resolution of any disputes that may arise within the ambit of the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal, will be exclusively settled according to Portuguese law and in Portuguese courts. Any dispute will be resolved in accordance with the voluntary arbitration procedure, as stipulated by Law no. 31/86, of 29/08, in its current form.

All legal actions relating to the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal should be submitted to the appropriate courts in Porto, Portugal.


12. Changes to the conditions of use and privacy policy


Should the Municipality of Porto Tourism Portal change its privacy policy, such changes will always be posted here.

For further information, please contact visitporto[at]cm-porto.pt.

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