The Lounge Ageas is on the 1st floor and will be an artistic workspace that will be part of the Network of Artist Residencies in the city of Porto. A place that responds to the lack of workspaces in the city.

This new space, at the heart of the iconic venue in the city centre, seeks thus to support the future and current careers of professionals in the visual arts, namely, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, jewellery, among other areas.

This new space, named after the patron of the venue, will thus be a hub of cultural creation, supporting artists looking for workspaces.

For the president of Coliseu Porto Ageas, it aims to bridge “the gaps in this artistic sector that so often lacks workspaces, supporting artists during the consolidation phase of their careers”, adds Mónica Guerreiro.

The artists will soon start to occupy the place and their works will soon be able to be followed on stages in the city and in the country.

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    Last updated 2022-01-13