April 2nd is the International Children's Book Day. Coincidence or not, it is also the day that celebrates the opening of the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library. It was in 2001. Twenty years later, the party’s size is measured by symbolism. And symbolism, there, is synonymous with drawings: until April 3rd, there are illustration workshops for the little ones.

André Letria and Nicolau, based on children's books, have created an activity that aims to get children from 6 to 10 years old to enter into the world of illustration. Pato Lógico's workshops draw inspiration from “Mar” by Ricardo Henriques and illustrations by Nicolau, “1.º Direito” also by Ricardo Henriques and illustrations by André Letria, and “Sonho” by Susa Monteiro, and take place until Thursday in two sessions: online at 10:30 am, and in person at 3 pm.

On April 3rd, it is Bárbara Rocha's turn to develop illustration techniques with the children, in one of six sessions until the end of the year. All workshop sessions at the Almeida Garrett Library are free but require prior registration.

With two decades of work in favour of culture, the Almeida Garrett Library, whose building was purposedly designed to serve as a library by the architect José Manuel Soares, annually receives more than 160 thousand visitors to whom it offers more than 100 thousand titles. There are already more than half a million loans made. To which are added debates, storytelling sessions, workshops, exhibitions, short courses, communities of readers and many other initiatives.

Certified by UNESCO in 2011, it became part of the network of associated libraries, undertaking activities in favour of promoting human rights, peace, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, the protection of the environment and the fight against illiteracy, and many more.

At this time, the celebrations extend to be the 20th anniversary of the then designated Reading Room with free access at the Porto Municipal Public Library of Porto, which allowed the books to leave the labyrinth of the book storage facilities, becoming within hand reach.

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