Canadian airline Air Transat has announced its winter operations plan, which will come into effect as of November 1st, and on which the Toronto-Porto connection will continue, resumed at the end of July.

After restarting its operations on July 23rd, and after four months of forced inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian Air Transat announced on Tuesday the flight programme it intends to follow in winter. In the plan, which comes into effect on November 1st, the connection between Toronto, Canada's most populous city, and Invicta is maintained.

As was the case so far, Air Transat - which is in the process of being acquired by Air Canada - will have one flight between Toronto and Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport on Sundays, as part of a "gradual increase of the offer" for the winter period.

"Although the entire tourism industry has been disturbed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the wish to travel abroad for a change of scenery and keep discovering new places remains alive among travellers", stressed Transat's Chief Operating Officer, Annick Guérard, in the statement by the Canadian aviation company. "That is why we are pleased to provide a strengthened offer. Now, more than ever, this plan with more than 40 destinations enable us to redesign the future, one step at a time, and renew our mission, which is to brighten up the daily lives of our passengers", she added.

Bearing in mind the restrictions that may still arise, Transat offers its passengers greater flexibility in bookings, while also ensuring the compliance with hygiene recommendations on their flights.

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