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The city of Porto, covering an area of 42 Km2, is the second largest in the country and is equipped with an expanding transport network. It is possible to reach the city easily by plane, bus, car, boat, train and metro and to travel within it by using public transport or private or rented vehicle.

Generally, to use public transport you need to buy occasional tickets (títulos de transporte ocasionais) (for the specific journey in question) or monthly tickets (títulos mensais), which let you travel on pre-selected lines and forms of transport on a monthly basis via the payment of a fixed amount. The tickets (títulos de transporte) of the various operators can be occasional and non-rechargeable, but in most cases occasional tickets and monthly tickets are rechargeable cards (cartões reutilizáveis).

Children under the age of 4 are allowed to travel without a ticket.

The Andante Intermodal Network (Rede Intermodal Andante) combines various lines run by the public metro, bus and train operators, as well as various private road transport operators, covering the whole city and peripheral areas. To travel on the intermodal network, you need a charged card. “Andante” is the ticket used to access the network and can be charged on the “Andante Azul” or “Andante Gold” card.

Cards (charging occasional tickets and passes)

  • Andante Intermodal Network (Rede Intermodal Andante)
    • Andante Azul (€0.60) (blue card)– for use with occasional tickets. Can be used by anyone, but only by one person at any one time. Can be purchased at any Andante sales point, including the automatic ticket machines located in the Metro stations.
    • Andante Gold (€6.00) – used with any kind of Andante ticket, including passes. Can only be used by the card holder. Sold at Andante shops and kiosks and STCP and Transportes Alternativos sales points. It can also be used on the STCP (bus) Monomodal General Network (Monomodal Rede Geral).
  • Rede CP – Comboios de Portugal
    • Occasional rechargeable card (Cartão Recarregável Ocasional) (CP) (€0.50) – rechargeable in the machines at specific sales points or at the automatic ticket machines; allows you to charge a single type of ticket and journey at any one time, but up to a maximum of 31 journeys.
    • CP Monthly Pass (Título de assinatura mensal da CP – Comboios Urbanos do Porto) (€6.00) – sold at the ticket offices and at the new CP automatic ticket machines.

Occasional tickets: rechargeable (using the cards indicated above) and non-rechargeable

  • Andante – Andante Intermodal Network (Rede Intermodal Andante)

    The price paid depends only on the route and not the form of transport used or number of times you get on or off, therefore you can use various forms of transport and travel on different lines using a single ticket. When charging your journey on your Andante card, you must choose the starting point and the destination, the route and the form of transport, and any ticket is valid for a minimum of 2 zones:
    • Single journey ticket (título de viagem simples) – lets you travel for a specific period of time, depending on the number of zones purchased (Z2 to Z12), during a minimum of 1 hour.
    • Andante 24 – non-rechargeable ticket that lets you travel for 24 consecutive hours after the first validation (price depends on the number of zones chosen - Z2 to Z12).
    • Andante Tour 1 or 3 – non-rechargeable tickets that allow you unlimited travel across the whole Andante intermodal network, with the exception of trams and the funicular, during 24 and 72 hours, respectively.
    • Funicular (Metro do Porto) – The Funi (non-rechargeable) ticket valid for a single journey can be purchased on site for €2.50.
  • STCP – Serviço de Transportes Coletivos do Porto (buses)
    • Single journey ticket (Título de Agente Único) – non-rechargeable, sold onboard the buses and valid only for the journey on which it was purchased.
    • Tram – non-rechargeable and purchased onboard before the start of the journey
  • CP – Comboios de Portugal
    • Occasional tickets (títulos ocasionais) – must be bought and validated before boarding; can be purchased at the station ticket offices or from the automatic ticket machines available at all stations. For Alfa Pendular or Intercidades tickets, tickets can also be bought online via netTICKET or via Multibanco.


  • Andante monthly pass (títulos de assinatura mensal Andante) – valid for a number of zones selected at the time of purchase or recharging, allowing unlimited travel within these zones from the first to the last day of each month. Allow travel on the entire Andante intermodal network.
    Andante tickets can be bought or charged at Andante shops, at Andante sales points – which include the automatic ticket machines located in Metro stations, at STCP information desks, at ticket offices in train station which sell Andante tickets and at the Mobility Centre (Centro da Mobilidade) at São Bento Station.
  • STCP monthly general network pass (Título de assinatura mensal Rede Geral STCP) – only valid on the STCP network, or on private operators identified on the STCP wbsite, for the whole area served by the STCP public passenger transport network.
  • CP Monthly Pass (Título de assinatura mensal da CP – Comboios Urbanos do Porto) – valid for unlimited travel on a pre-defined route from the first to the last day of each month and sold at the ticket offices and the new automatic ticket machines.

The websites of the various public transport operators provide a variety of information: lines and stops, prices and timetables, terms of use, route suggestions, etc.

For more detailed information on any of the above, see:

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Published 22-05-2013