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Cost of living
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Porto is a city of rich history, customs and traditions. Those who choose to live here are rewarded with a great variety of services and resources to suit every taste and pocket, but as far as satisfying basic needs is concerned, the city can be enjoyed at relatively little expense.

Below is an idea of the cost of daily items:

  • milk (1 litre) - €0.60
  • water (1-litre bottle) - €0.39
  • bread (1 roll) - €0.06-€0.12
  • rice (1 kg) - €0.79
  • coffee (1 expresso) - €0.65

*average price of goods based on the prices practised by the supermarkets and hypermarkets mentioned below

It has been estimated that monthly expenditure varies from €550 to €850 (not including the cost of phone calls, medical fees and meals such as breakfast and snacks). This total is the sum of the average cost of regularly consumed goods and services, covering chiefly food, transport and accommodation.


It is also important to note that to the rent of a house/flat must be added monthly bills for water, electricity and gas calculated according to the respective use and the location of the accommodation (amounts vary depending on whether in or outside the city) and, possibly, the ownership fee.

However, if you choose to rent a room, it is common for these costs to be included in the amount paid monthly to your landlord.

For further information go to:

The shops in the city centre are varied but chiefly consist of traditional small and medium-sized high-street stores with variable prices. After visiting the city a few times, you will get a good idea of the places to find a certain product of the standard and price required.

Alternatively, on the outskirts of the city are located several hypermarkets which sell a full range of products, accessible by regular public transport, and have websites with information about the services and products available:

Published 21-05-2013