City of Porto
Photo:  Município do PortoCC BY-NC-SA - Some Rights Reserved

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Easter in Porto
Like the rest of the country, Holy Week (Semana Santa) in Porto and the north of Portugal is a religious affair and regarded as a time to welcome those who visit us at this time of the year. Easter is one of the best times to visit Porto. Wit ...

Spring in Porto with the Camellias in Blossom
​Because spring is just around the corner and colour is starting to make its absence felt, we couldn’t help but mention camellias, a common sight in the city at this time of year. Porto was the first city in Europe to be known as the “City of C ...

Porto in 1 Day!
If you want to see Porto but you don't have much time, here is an itinerary of what you shouldn't miss and can be done in one day. This is our suggestion, so that you can make the most of this city, knowing that you would need 3 days at least to ...

Two Sons of Porto. Two Pritzkers.
Contemporary architecture is an accomplished reality throughout the Porto region. It is not hard to find buildings of this ilk standing side-by-side with the baroque style that is so prevalent in the city's historic world heritage city centre. ...

10 Wine Experiences you cannot afford to miss!
​September is the month of the grape harvest par excellence. The time has come to gather the grapes, carry them in baskets, crush them and make what is known as the nectar of the gods: Wine. To come to Porto is to get to know and try the wo ...

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