City of Porto
Photo:  Município do PortoCC BY-NC-SA - Some Rights Reserved

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SÃO JOÃO - A six-week festival
In 2015, São João will be better than ever before. This year, the world's most celebrated popular saint will be bringing over 200 events to the city between 23 May and 4 July, with the festivities reaching their highpoint on the night of the 23 ...

Fado: learn more about it!
Defined as the Portuguese music genre, Fado is normally when a Portuguese guitar is played along with a classic guitar and can be interpreted by men or women called “Fadistas”. The slow paced Fado is associated with nostalgia and melan ...

Parks and Gardens
​Parks and gardens are places for leisure and relaxation, for quick breaks, for the pleasure of walking and rediscovering the history of these sites, many of which are little known. This city can always surprise us with the beauty of unexpected ...

Taste Porto
Be surprised by fine eating! Within the route of flavours there is a must try dish that the city invites you for – the Bacalhau D’Ouro (Gold Cod). Because of its history and tradition codfish is a food reference, and this new dish serves us th ...

Viewpoints in Porto
​Viewpoints may be defined as elevated locations that offer panoramic views. They are normally  synonymous with lookouts and belvederes, the latter originating from the Italian word belvedere. All these words refer to a high platform or point fr ...

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