City of Porto
Photo:  Município do PortoCC BY-NC-SA - Some Rights Reserved

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​Porto maintains a regular calendar of entertainment and events that have become widely popular. Large concerts, street music and entertainment, theatre, art, alternative and street markets, major exhibitions and exciting sports events are some ...

Tour around Porto’s Historical Centre: Sé, Clérigos, Ribeira
​Porto’s Historical Centre features as scenery depicting the evolution of the city and the communities settled here, from the first boroughs in the bronze age to the current days. This urban core, bearing UNESCO’s World Heritage designation sinc ...

Neoclassical in Porto
​During the late 18th century Porto underwent great urban and architectonic transformations. Under the guidance of João de Almada e Melo a plan was laid out, foreseeing the renovation of the old city and the structuring of zones that had develop ...

Medieval Porto
​The origins of Porto are linked to the Morro da Sé (Cathedral Hill), overlooking the river Douro, where traces of an ancient settlement have been identified. The Romans brought a great boom to a city, which was elevated to diocese status during ...

Baroque Porto
​Baroque is reflected in Porto in innumerable expressive buildings of civil and religious architecture.  Architects such as António Pereira and Nicolau Nasoni gave the city some of the most representative examples of this style, calling forth a ...

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