Porto is the city of happy tourists

Chosen three times as European Best Destination (2012, 2014 and 2017), the city of Porto continues to make those who go there happy. Who says this is the study of the “Núcleo de Investigação do ISAG” - European Business School (NIDISAG), carried out at the end of last year with hundreds of Portuguese and foreign visitors who were in the city. In total, tourists from 48 different nationalities were interviewed, standing out Germans (12.5%), Brazilians (10.5%), Frenchmen (8.3%) and Britons (7.9%). The average stay in the city was 4.9 nights.

Regarding the factors for visiting Porto, the ranked reasons were 'savouring the gastronomy and meeting Portuguese Chefs' (4,21 out of 5),'relaxing / resting' (4.15 out of 5), and 'visiting heritage / monuments / museums' (4.1 out of 5). Almost half of the tourists justified for choosing Porto due to the possibility of 'visiting the Port wine cellars' (42.94%).

According to the results, 90% of the respondents revealed a high level of satisfaction with the city, and 85% stated that it was in Porto that they felt happier when compared to other cities. The high degree of happiness (4.42 out of 5) was mainly in foreign tourists, with Germans, Brazilians and Dutch on the TOP 3.

Adjectives such as 'exciting', 'fun' or 'unforgettable' were some of the words most used to describe the overall experience in the city of Porto, which justifies the high intention of returning (77.25%). And when questioned about the perception of happiness around them, they assured that they felt that people were happy during their stay in the city, a rating of 4.25 out of 5.

According to the coordinators of NIDISAG and authors of this study, researchers Ana Pinto Borges and Elvira Pacheco Vieira, "we have developed, over the last years, several studies related to major events in the city and we realise, year after year, that the number of foreign visitors has increased significantly, often due to the city's reputation on the international scene. We therefore wanted to understand which points of interest are most attractive to tourists, what their motivations are and if indeed the city meets their high expectations. The results exceeded our best forecasts."

The study, entitled 'Porto versus Well-Being', was carried out based on 1253 interviews with national and international visitors, who were in Porto in October 2018. The main objective was to evaluate the level of satisfaction of the city of Porto, as well as the level of well-being provided throughout the stay.

Source: noticiasaominuto.com

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Published 17-07-2019