Filigree Route

The thousand-year-old art of filigree is one of Gondomar’s symbols. Its gold/silversmiths have their doors open to welcome you. Do not let your day go by without creating your own filigree piece.

Full day tour (8H) accompanied by an interpreter guide, visit to two gold/silversmith workshops, workshop at Cindor (Gold/silversmithing School), pick-up and drop-off at the accommodation, 100% electric car tour in a Tesla.

  • Type of tour: Road Tours
  • Promoter: Green Porto Tour
  • Tel.: +351 911896943
  • Price per person: 1 Pax: 260€; 2 Pax: 130€/per person; 3 Pax: 115€/per person; 4 Pax: 100€/person; 5 Pax: 85€/per person; 6 Pax: 75€/per person.
  • Departure times: 9am
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Ticket validity: The ticket is valid on the booking’s date.
  • Notes: Children up to 3 years is free; children up to 12 years old 50% discount off the price per person.

    Departure point: Customer accommodation
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