World Heritage Historical Centre

Porto in black and white
Photo:  Fernando Mendes PedroCC BY-NC-SA - Some Rights Reserved

​Porto’s Historical Centre is the oldest part of the city and was classified as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1996. Here you will find traces of the medieval origins of the city, in a city landscape that serves up an image of rare beauty.

Amble along the typical alleys and passageways of this city’s heart and take in, at every step, a monument of incontestable worth, the renowned hospitality of the city folk and a breathtaking panorama over the rooftops and the river Douro.

The food, the crafts and the shopping offer a huge range of possibilities, from the traditional, sustained by a past of great historical significance, to the more horizon-broadening challenges thrown up by the city’s young creative talent.

Pause for a moment in the Praça da Ribeira, from where cruises depart and where you can truly enjoy the river and the view, a meeting place for both history and people and a regular stage for entertainment.

Discovering the historical centre takes many forms and from here many paths strike out into other parts of the city. The choice is yours, as is the city too!

Tours on foot
Sé, Ribeira/ S. Nicolau, Vitória and Miragaia, areas comprised by Porto’s Historical Centre classified World Cultural Heritage, are points of interest worth your closer visit.   Sé In 1583, the parish of Sé (the only in existence until then) ...

UNESCO's classification
​Considering the unique features of Porto’s historical centre, it was classified by the UNESCO as “World Cultural Heritage” in December 1996. The classified area comprises the medieval borough located inside the fourteenth-century Romanesque wal ...