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Porto now has, besides an enormous quantity and variety of touristic attractions, a tourist monitoring system during his/her stay, keeping the health services carried out in his/her home country.

What? Why?

The tourism market is permanently changing, posing new challenges to the destinations whose purpose is to fulfill the demands of the new urban tourist, more mature and more demanding, and for whom the search of well-being, in the health area, presents a high growing potential and value creation to the destination.

To date, a potential tourist who had limitations regarding his/her health, even though not preventing him/her from travelling, and who wanted to travel for leisure to any destination, would have to carry out an individual search for health services in the place of his/her accommodation. This situation would place several difficulties: language barrier, unawareness regarding the national health system, insecurity regarding the clinics / hospitals and health professionals' skills and competences, obtaining the contacts and equipments' localization at the accommodation place, impossibility of visiting several places in the country, among other aspects.

Porto is now able to provide the tourists with the adequate support they need to keep, as far as health services are concerned, when travelling abroad. The monitoring, safety and comfort of the tourists who visit Porto and the North of Portugal is, therefore, strengthened, by a service which allows them to visit several places and enjoy more prolonged stays, increasing the proposal's value and ensuring the healthcare he/she needs.

Through Travel Health Experience (T.H.E.) it is possible to create a customized plan of health assistance for tourists with specific needs of continuous and prolonged healthcare, during their stay in the city and in the region.

It is an innovative service, unparalleled in the country and, as far as we know, in the world, as opposed to isolated acts of specific health problems resolution, which allows to satisfy a new target audience, reinforcing the promotion of Porto and the North of Portugal's image of excellence abroad as a holiday destination.

How does it work?

When planning his/her trip to Portugal, the tourist requests his/her tour operator, hotel unit, health insurance or directly to T.H.E., through the website, a healthcare plan adapted to his/her specific needs. T.H.E. analyses the tourist's specific needs and the stay program, creating a parallel health assistance plan and, afterwards, presenting it to the client. When it is approved, the required entities are contacted, hiring the healthcare service.


Who? For what?

The Porto City Council and T.H.E. - Travel Health Experience established an agreement destined to qualify and promote the tourist welcome in Porto, namely through the provision and promotion of an innovative service in the medical safety area, by means of healthcare services to tourists who need them and want to visit the city of Porto.

The goal is to create and divulge an innovative service, which stimulates life quality for people who, for health reasons, experience limitations in their displacement, ensuring them the opportunity of traveling without interrupting the healthcare they need. At the same time, it is important to strengthen Portugal's tourism, and namely in Porto, by giving the city and the country one more reason to become the tourists' choice.

According to this protocol, information and access to this service will be available in the municipal Tourism Offices, through promotional material, as well as various other means of information sponsored by the Tourism Department, namely the Porto Official Tourism Portal - In the same way, T.H.E. undertakes to guarantee the client's total satisfaction through customized health solutions and to supply a rigorous and continuous monitoring of all the situations that may occur.

For whom?

T.H.E.'s target audience are foreign/Portuguese tourists, in the age range above 55 years old, with a high purchasing power (upper middle and upper class) and which need chronic or prolonged healthcare services.

With which resources?

T.H.E. has a portfolio of healthcare providers who are hired according to the client's solicitations / place of stay. T.H.E.'s staff members adequately qualified for their professional category, in compliance with national and international legislation. The medical material supply is carried out by a certified company and a main Portuguese manufacturer and supplier of non-active medical devices. T.H.E. also has appropriate insurances, demandable in the economic activity it develops, with a protocol with A.M.A. insurance company, being the clients and collaborators' safety, health and well-being a priority to the company.

How much?

According to the specific needs of each client, a free budget will be presented for the healthcare plan required by the client. The price of each proposal will vary according to its characteristics.

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Published 13-07-2012