Easter in Porto

Easter in Porto
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Like the rest of the country, Holy Week (Semana Santa) in Porto and the north of Portugal is a religious affair and regarded as a time to welcome those who visit us at this time of the year.

Easter is one of the best times to visit Porto. With fewer crowds, you can enjoy various unforgettable experiences without the usual crush and fuss, such as a visit to the port wine cellars, tours of the historic centre (a human heritage site), River Douro boat trips and unique cuisine.

Take the chance to enjoy the days prior to this much enjoyed celebration in Portugal to visit Porto with your family. This is a great chance to get to know the city and use it as a springboard to explore the region!

Benefit from everything the Porto.Card has to offer and, as a family, enjoy a countless range of advantages and discounts with the Porto.CARD 

If you want to discover Porto in the best way possible, find us at the Tourism Information Offices or via our Live Chat. We are here to recommend the best things to see and do for an unforgettable trip. Rely on our experience and knowledge and discover the best options available. 

To understand and explore the city, let Porto embrace you. Wander its streets and sample the flavours of a city at whose every corner you will be charmed by its vigorous and enchanting way of life. Use our tips for this season and discover our heritage, food and wine:

And because Easter cannot go by without sampling its gastronomic delights, give everything a try. Meat is the central food at this time of year and between lamb, goat and beef, the rule is to take a seat at the table and not to budge until you’ve sampled a little bit of everything on offer, chiefly the desserts, whose delicacies range from folar, almonds, chocolate and pão-de-ló.


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Published 22-03-2016