Discover Porto: Tourist Orienteering Routes

Tourist Orienteering Routes
Photo:  Grupo Desportivo dos Quatro Caminhos All Rights Reserved

​Orienteering is one of the oldest forms of sport, originating in Scandinavia, and is one that has become increasingly more popular in recent years in Portugal!

It consists of finding and following the best route over unknown terrain in a race against time. Orienteering requires good map-reading skills; the ability to evaluate route options and use a compass; being able to concentrate under pressure and make quick decisions; running over uneven terrain, etc.

Selecting which route to take between the control points is up to you! Each point is simultaneously a target and the start of a new challenge. The speed at which you move has to be accompanied by the ability to reason quickly in reading the map and interpreting it in relation to the terrain, pondering the various route options and deciding!

At the start, each participant receives a map with a route printed on it, consisting of a starting point, a sequence of control points and a destination.


The Routes

Permanent Orienteering Route: Discover Porto’s Historical Centre, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Continuing the practice of Foot Orienteering activities in the city of Porto, in 2012 a permanent urban touristic orienteering route was created in Porto’s Historical Centre, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. This route uses an official Foot Orienteering map, following the specific rules of Orienteering map execution of the International Orienteering Federation and takes advantage of a series of monuments that are emblematic of the city as control points.


Permanent Orienteering Route in the City Parks

City Park

Covelo Park

São Roque Park


How it works

  1. ​Choose your route (one in the Historical Centre and five in the City Park)
  2. Get the map:
  3. When you find a control point, confirm the code and note the respective signage (in the case of the Historical Centre, the numbered codes of the control points coincide with the existing numbers on the “oars”).

Useful Contacts


Published 17-03-2015