Pavilhão da Água (Water Pavilion) and Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal today mark World Water Day with a joint event. Family games, sustainability tips and workshops are part of the programme, which includes a free virtual tour of the pavilion.

The event is taking place on digital platforms, due to the current situation, namely on the Instagram of Visit Porto (@visitporto), of Associação de Turismo do Porto and Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal (@visitportoandnorth), where it will be proposed to hold a virtual tour of the Pavilhão da Água, located in the City Park.

Didactic games and workshops, aimed mainly at children, complete the proposal, whose motto is to raise awareness of environmental sustainability issues, which is also a key theme for tourist activity.

The Pavilhão da Água is renowned in the field of ​​environmental education and the preservation of water resources. There, in a scientific way, but simultaneously recreational, an interactive journey through the fascinating universe of water is proposed, where experiments are carried out that demonstrate the importance of this resource for life on planet Earth, as well as the different means in which it is present or its various uses.

The municipal facility is located in a privileged area, between the green of Parque da Cidade and the blue of the Atlantic, with the beaches of Porto and Matosinhos on the horizon, having undergone a thorough rehabilitation two years ago.

Water Hour at 10 pm

Also to celebrate World Water Day, today, from 10 pm, it's time to turn off the tap, at least for 60 minutes. The awareness event, as a deliberate and conscious gesture on this symbolic date, is called H2Off and is promoted by CECEA - Comissão Especializada de Comunicação e Educação Ambiental of Associação Portuguesa de Distribuição e Drenagem de Águas (APDA). Águas do Porto joins the initiative.

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