The programme Noites no Pátio do Museu, promoted by the University of Porto, returns from Wednesday, September 9th, with a programme that comprises science and culture. In total, there are 17 events for all audiences.

This second edition of Noites no Pátio do Museu follows the offer made in July, which attracted around 1,500 people to the Patio of Natural History Museum of the Porto University (MHNC). Resulting from the collaboration between Casa Comum and MHNC, the programme returns from September 9th, with nights of cinema, music, poetry, debates and drawing.

Like it happened in July, the September events of Noites no Pátio do Museu take place from Tuesday to Saturday - the only exception will be the opening session, scheduled for Wednesday, September 9th, with a conference about Edison’s Phonograph, included in the series "A Voz dos Objetos".

In this first week, the Noites no Pátio do Museu also features a drawing masterclass, led by architect Telmo Castro (September 10th), and the return of the cinema sessions of Kino Doc (September 11th). For Saturday, the commented exhibition of Escondidos na Noite, with Hugo Rebelo and Francisco Álvares, is scheduled. The session, dedicated to bats, is part of the series As Novas viagens philosophicas.

All the events of Noites no Pátio do Museu take place in the patio of the main hub of MHNC (with entry by Jardim da Cordoaria), at 9:30 pm. Admission is free, but prior booking is required.

Sanitising hands and disinfecting footwear will be mandatory, with the venue limited to about one third of the total occupancy capacity.

See the full programme of Noites no Pátio do Museu here.

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