The images of Porto during the lockdown period earned the film Lockdown Porto, by Paulo Ferreira, the achievement of three awards in the Finisterra - Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival film sessions, to which was added an honourable mention by the jury.

Porto and the moments experienced during the lockdown were the motto for this work, with unique images of this phase that will remain forever in the history of the city and of humankind. According to the filmmaker, "Lockdown Porto's message alerts us to the period of history that we are going through at the same time that it offers us a note of hope: the hope that life will return to the old normal".

The jury highlighted, among more than a thousand national and international films that participated in the contest, the images and words, in English, that narrate the film. Lockdown Porto received 1st place in the "Places in History" category, 1st place in the "Best Portuguese Film" category, and 3rd place in the "Timelapse" category.

Lockdown Porto can be viewed online on YouTube or Vimeo platforms.

The award ceremony of the 9th edition of the Finisterra festival brought together, for the final selection, more than one hundred national and international films for tourism promotion.

Paulo Ferreira had already seen, in August, his short documentary This is Our Time, shot in Iceland, been awarded an "Award of Excellence", in the "Best Documentary Short" category, at the international film festival Vegas Movie Awards, in Las Vegas.

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