This Sunday, January 8th, at 6 pm, that one of the most traditional athletics events returns to the streets of the city: the São Silvestre race. A few days before it takes place and with registrations closed, the organiser expects to be one of the most popular editions ever.


Thousands of athletes will run through the main streets and arteries of the city, in the late afternoon of January 8th, having two options: the 10-kilometre race, aimed at members and non-members to a sports association who are born in 2004 and previous years, or the five-kilometre race, in which anyone interested can participate.


In 2021, São Silvestre had already taken thousands to participate in the historic race. Sara Moreira and Rui Teixeira won the 27th edition, after postponements due to the pandemic.


This year, the two courses were changed due to existing traffic restrictions currently in place in the city centre. In order to guarantee safe conditions for the mobility of people and vehicles, some traffic and parking restrictions will be necessary.

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