The new promotional video dedicated to traditional high-street shops is an invitation to discover Porto's cultural, social and architectural heritage and traditions.

From traditional barbershops and grocery stores, bookstores, second-hand bookstores, old cafes, jeweller’s shops, fabric shops and haberdasher's shops, among others, the video illustrates some of these iconic places, some of which are hundred-years-old, where it is possible to buy the most original products and, at the same time, enjoy a personalized service and an exclusive shopping experience.

The period of lockdown highlighted the consumer's interest in discovering the identity and authenticity of the products and places visited. Traditional high-street shops, are based mostly on local production and shared experiences, not only contributes to the economic, cultural and social vitality of the city, but also responds to the motivations of residents and visitors who seek to learn about the city's history and positively impact the local community.

In addition to the craftsmen’s video, the one from “Porto de Tradição” shows some of the most unique places for those looking for surprising and original products. The city, along with its internationally recognized attractions, has a diversified offer throughout its territory, which includes traditional shops, craftsmen, small markets and street fairs, which form part of its vast and rich material and immaterial heritage.

The "Porto de Tradição", a municipal programme for the protection of establishments and entities of historical, cultural or social interest, has been complemented by other municipal support programmes, such as the Support Fund programme, discount vouchers, street decoration, shop window competitions, training courses aimed at shopkeepers, among others.

The video “Porto de Tradição” is part of a series of 22 promotional videos that the Municipality of Porto is launching, and which aim to publicize and promote the city's potential among different segments.

See the video, click here!

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