The colours and smells of autumn are already starting to arrive in the city of Porto.

If you are a photography fan and love backdrops with autumnal tones or elements that take to this season of the year, here is our suggestion for some of the most instagrammable places during autumn in Porto.


During autumn, the Serralves Park take on brown and orangish tones that bring a different magic to it from the rest of the year. Take advantage of the sunny autumn days to explore Serralves' various gardens and also visit the Treetop Walk, where you can emerge amongst the treetops.

Virtudes Park

Just like the gardens of Serralves, the Virtudes Park is also fully dressed in the characteristic tones of autumn. Its vertical garden, in terraces downhill, enables to capture unique photographs with unparalleled landscapes over iconic spaces such as Alfândega do Porto, the Douro River and the riverside area in Gaia. Take the opportunity and enjoy a picnic in this environment, with traditional flavours of the region.

Rua de Santa Catarina

Did you know that you can find traditional street vendors of roasted chestnuts on Rua de Santa Catarina? Buy your packet of chestnuts and parade along the street among fully decorated autumn shop windows. In addition to shopping in traditional shops, you can combine tradition with modernity in unique autumn colour photos. Also on this street, visit the hundred-year-old Café Majestic, one of the most beautiful examples of Art Nouveau in the city of Porto. Combine the refined atmosphere with the aroma and tone of coffee for the perfect photo.

Cordoaria Garden

In the heart of the city centre, you will find one of the most visited gardens in Porto: the Cordoaria garden (João Chagas Garden). Here, in addition to the beauty of the garden, you can take pictures of iconic places in the city such as the Centro Português de Fotografia and the Clérigos Tower. If you are a lover of the art of photography, visit the Portuguese Centre to discover the national photographic heritage.

Those who visit Porto must climb the Clérigos Tower and be dazzled by the 360º view from its top. In the middle of autumn, it is possible to see several gardens covered in their tones, which perfectly match the orange colour typical of the roofs of Porto’s houses.

City Park

Porto’s City Park is the largest urban park in the country and, at this time of year, you can be dazzled by 83 hectares dressed in the orangish tones of autumn. We suggest that you rent a bike and take a ride around the park, looking for the best spots for your autumn photography in this unique setting.

Gardens of Palácio de Cristal

Other must-visit gardens in the city of Porto during autumn are the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal. These, too, take on autumn in all its splendour in its vegetation, overlooking the Douro River. Stroll through the gardens until you reach the Museu da Cidade – Romantic Extension. The 19th century bourgeois house, characteristic period of Porto, surrounded by beautiful gardens, makes each photograph rich in culture and beauty, authentic of the city of Porto.

São Roque Park

Explore the eastern part of the city on a visit to S. Roque Park. Have fun in the labyrinth, creating photographs that excel in creativity. Also choose to discover the Casa São Roque, known for its collection and programming of contemporary art, peculiar architecture and fantastic garden. Its exterior, coated in yellow, combined with the orange hue of the garden are perfect for autumn photographs.

To see the city this season, we suggest a trip aboard the historic tram. Be dazzled by the tones, smells and life of autumn in Porto in comfort. Don't forget your camera and smartphone and share your photos by tagging us with @visitporto and/or #visitporto.

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