The wall of the Congregados Water Reservoir, located at the top of Rua da Alegria, is now more beautiful and colourful. The "person to blame" is the artist and illustrator Daniel Padure, author of the street art mural "Water Cycle".

As part of the Porto Street Art Programme, the work aims to illustrate the deep connection between human beings and water. The sequence of fun images stretches for almost 50 meters, a needed space to tell the story of a character who interacts with the continuous movement of the water.

Daniel Padure, a native of Romania but living in Portugal since 2008, is the name that joins many other street artists who have contributed to creating true open-air museums in the city of Porto, in places such as Mural da Rua da Restauração, where new artistic interventions by Diogo Pintampum, Low Class Club, Matilde Cunha, Leonor Violeta, Mariana Bento (Malva), Tiago de Carvalho (Oaktree) and Henrikas Riškas are already featured.

Porto has six water reservoirs in operation

The Congregados Water Reservoir, close to Cooperativa dos Pedreiros, is an exception among the six water reservoirs that are currently in service, as it is the only one that has an elevated structure, known as the “Torre dos Congregados”.

In addition to this one, are at the service of the municipal company Águas do Porto, the water reservoirs of Bonfim, Carvalhido, Nova Sintra, Pasteleira and Santo Isidro. All of them, similar to each other, are formed by reinforced concrete structures, buried, semi-buried or supported.

There are more water reservoirs in the city, but they are decommissioned. Among them, the former Pasteleira Water Reservoir, which will give rise to a station of Museu da Cidade.

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