In view of the current lockdown being lifted, Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto (STCP) will once again extend the bus service by 18% on working days. On weekends, it continues with the “Contingency Timetable” currently in effect, and the historic trams keep their activity suspended until April 5th.

The service increase on the STCP network during the week follows the return of some in-person educational and teaching activities and the reopening of some commercial activities, in view of the current plan of gradually lifting the lockdown.

Thus, the bus service intends to adapt to the foreseeable increase in demand, guaranteeing passengers a safe public transport service, and respecting the rule of capacity of 2/3 of the maximum capacity allowed per vehicle, explains the bus operator.

In this generalised increase of buses, STCP also highlights that routes 1M (Avenida dos Aliados - Matosinhos Praia) and 11M (Hospital de São João - Coimbrões), of the dawn network, will resume their services, while route 907 (Boavista - Vila D'Este) will maintain the “Regular Timetable”.

On weekends, the “Contingency Timetable” will remain in effect, since most of the measures set by the current State of Emergency will remain active, namely the ban on movement between municipalities.

As for the activity of historic trams, routes 1, 18 and 22 will remain with service suspended until April 5th, as they have an essentially tourist nature.

All timetables can be found on the website or via


STCP runs again on Rua Formosa

Several routes of the STCP network are back to Rua Formosa, after its reopening to public transport. These changes also imply a repositioning of bus stops in the area surrounding Bolhão Market.

Thus, "the routes 301-305-801-7M-8M, in the direction of leaving the centre of Porto to the outskirts, resumes the normal route along Rua Formosa, reactivating the bus stops near Rua de Santa Catarina (SCAT1) and Largo do Padrão (PDR) ".

Routes 401-700-800-V94 keep departing from Bolhão in Rua Firmeza (BLRB4), and also have an additional bus stop in Rua de Sá da Bandeira (MCBL3), in the downward direction, on the opposite side of Bolhão Market, and the routes continue through Rua Formosa (bus stops with identification codes SCAT1 and PDR).

In the opposite direction, on trips heading to Bolhão, a new bus stop was also added in Rua de Sá da Bandeira. Thus, after the Bolhão Metro stop (BLM), the Bolhão Firmeza stop (BLFZ1), in the upward direction of Rua de Sá da Bandeira, becomes the final stop of these routes.

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