The encounter between Gonçalo, a man who, on a rainy night, leaves his house on a motorcycle to deliver a letter to someone who has abandoned him, and Diana, the woman who warns him to watch the road, when an accident is about to happen is the script of “Luz de Presença”, the short film shot in Porto and which Diogo Costa Amarante won the Silver Wolf at the New Film Fest in Montreal, Canada.

The film premiered in March at the Berlin Film Festival and is the result of a real encounter of the director, after moving to the city of Porto.

“When I got here, I rented a house in the Fontinha neighbourhood”, he recalls to the news agency Lusa. That's when he met Diana Neves Silva, with whom he crossed paths every night when he was looking for a place to park his motorcycle. She was his inspiration for “Luz de Presença”.

“Diana was, in fact, someone I liked to encounter every night when I got home. I realised that many of the people who live there see her as a guardian of the neighbourhood”, says Diogo Costa Amarante.

The film is directed by Jorge Quintela starring Diana Neves Silva, João Castro, Gustavo Sumpta and Luís Miguel Cintra, and is promoted and distributed by Agência da Curta Metragem.

Currently, Diogo Costa Amarante, who, in 2017, received the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival for “Cidade Pequena”, is working on his first feature film, also shot in Porto, with the support of Filmaporto.

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