SOLE - Serralves Online Experience premieres in a podcast format under the #PERISCOPE programme. The first episode, now available, features British producer and artist Mark Fell, Australian choreographer Adam Linder, and Polish choreographer and dancer Ola Maciejewska.

Serralves says that #PERSICOPE “takes us through unique auditory journeys”. The first expedition has already left the pier, but it can be caught at any moment on the Foundation's social media.

In the luggage, "readings, notes or references that inhabit more peripheral or even marginal places in relation to the most visible side of the works and public manifestations of artists, curators, researchers or essayists".

In another perspective, inspired by the device that gives the name to the programme, other points of view add to the journey, making it introspective. #PERSICOPE “wants to have a peek and a glimpse at some more personal recesses of the invited authors, closer to their creative, intellectual and sensitive self, while, at the same time, offers glimpses of audio concerts and performances archives that took place in Serralves”, reads the institution’s statement.

The programme is organised by the Serralves Performing Arts Service, with half-hour episodes, biweekly and accessible via Serralves Foundation’s social media, Instagram and Facebook.

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