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Harry Potter and the City of Porto - Vinícius Otaviano



Discover the city of Porto through its magical connection with the saga of the most famous wizard of all time, Harry Potter.

The Douro River Bridges - Vinícius Otaviano

This visit will take you walking along the bank of the river, discovering bridge by bridge their stories, past, present and future.

Most romantic places in Porto

February is the month of love! In Porto, there are several places to discover with your better half and, at the same time, fall in love with the city.

Funicular dos Guindais



Travel on the Guindais Funicular. It was built in 1891 and was fully refurbished after one century of inactivity.

Train + Wine Cellars + Cruise - Magic Train

Explore the picturesque city of Porto and Gaia on board a tourist train. On board a Rabelo boat, sail on the only river in Europe with six bridges.

São João in the Churches

Find out all the churches where Sõa João, the popular saint of Invicta, is represented.

Celebrate São João like the locals

The year’s longest night is almost here, and the city is already in a festive mode!

Run in Porto - Mati Experiences



Join me for a run in Porto! We'll see alternative landmarks that the regular tours don't reach, and I'll explain to you the history of these notable sites such as the Casa da Música.

Places to see

Pavilhão da Água
Museus e Centros Temáticos
Museu Militar do Porto
Museus e Centros Temáticos
Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis
Museus e Centros Temáticos

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