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See & Do

São João in the Churches

Find out all the churches where Sõa João, the popular saint of Invicta, is represented.

Celebrate São João like the locals

The year’s longest night is almost here, and the city is already in a festive mode!

Run in Porto - Mati Experiences



Join me for a run in Porto! We'll see alternative landmarks that the regular tours don't reach, and I'll explain to you the history of these notable sites such as the Casa da Música.

Explorial Porto - Discover the beautiful city of Porto

Get to know Porto at your own pace in this interactive scavenger hunt tour.

Easter in Porto

Like the rest of the country, Holy Week in Porto and Northern Portugal is a religious affair and regarded as a time to welcome those who visit us at this time of the year.

Funicular dos Guindais



Travel on the Guindais Funicular. It was built in 1891 and was fully refurbished after one century of inactivity.

An invitation to immerse yourself in the authenticity of the city's Fairs and Markets

The Fairs and Markets of Porto are the highlight of the new promotional video, which portrays the authenticity, diversity, organization and joy of these spaces.

A Different Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! This year we propose a slightly different experience. Why not break the routine and spend quality time together?

Places to see

Mal Cozinhado
Casas de Fado
Estátuas, Esculturas e Fontes
Baganha Galeria
Centros de exposições & Galerias de arte
Igreja da Trindade
Templos Religiosos

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