To mark Saint James’ Day, which is celebrated on July 25th, the Porto City Hall will promote a series of initiatives that highlight the historical and cultural importance of the Ways of Saint James that cross the city.

The calendar runs from 15 to 25 July and has the collaboration of other institutions, such as the Cathedral and the Centro de Estudos Jacobeus [Centre for Jacobean Studies].

Catarina Santos Cunha, councillor of Porto City Hall responsible for Tourism and Internationalization, stresses the “importance of valuing and promoting the ways that cross the city towards Santiago de Compostela, and of knowing how to welcome the pilgrims who pass through Porto”.

The scheduled events include a special welcome for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela, who will be passing through the city until July 25th.

The blessing of pilgrims will take place at the Cathedral of Porto, both on 15 and 25 July, at 11am, included in the mass held at that time.

Pilgrims interested in discovering more about “Os Caminhos de Santiago e a importância da Cidade do Porto nos itinerários Jacobeus” [The Ways of Saint James and the importance of the City of Porto in the Jacobean itineraries] will be able to participate in sessions guided by Manuel Araújo, a specialist in the Ways of Saint James. These sessions, lasting approximately 30 minutes, will take place at Nossa Senhora das Verdades Chapel, on 15, 22 and 25 July, starting at 5 pm.

From 15 to 25 July, each pilgrim who goes to the Tourism Office - Sé (Torre Medieval) or the Capela Nossa Senhora das Verdades will be offered a one-day walker Porto.CARD, inviting them to visit other points of interest in the city.

During this same period, the Centro de Estudos Jacobeus will ensure the welcome of the pilgrims, every morning, except on Sunday, at the Sé Tourism Office, where a video will be shown highlighting various points of heritage, religious and tourist interest, with elements about Saint James [Santiago].

In addition to the aforementioned initiatives, the Iacobus Maris regatta is scheduled to arrive in Porto next Saturday, July 16th, whose tall ships are recreating the voyage of the apostle Saint James' body from Israel to Galicia.

These activities are part of a broader calendar that extends to the other municipalities that incorporate the Portuguese Coastal Way, and which will be released shortly by Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal.

It is recalled that the Jacobean Year is celebrated when the feast day of the Apostle Saint James on July 25th falls on a Sunday, but the celebrations have been extended until 2022, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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