In Porto, there are several places to discover with your better half and, at the same time, fall in love with the city. Why not start thinking about surprising your partner with a trip for two? After all, love must be celebrated every day and Porto will always be here for the couples in love! Ready to discover the romantic side of the Invicta city?

Pérgola da Foz

After a delicious breakfast at Confeitaria Tavi, one of the most romantic places to stroll in Foz do Porto is the Pérgola. Right by the sea and flanked by a garden, the Pérgola beckons to a perfect walk while admiring the effects of sunlight in the golden yellow colour of its structure.


Going from Foz to the coastal avenue and Boavista, we find an iconic place: Serralves. Take your better half to discover the famous Serralves Park, with a size of about 18 hectares and a neoclassical profile of the art of French gardens, standing out from the traditional gardens of the city. Take the opportunity not only to stroll in the beautiful gardens, but also to visit the Serralves House and the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art . In the end, is there a more romantic idea for lunch than a picnic in a wonderful garden?

Gardens of Palácio de Cristal

After lunch, we suggest you visit the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal. Be amazed with the renovated building Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota Pavilion, surrounded by beautiful flowers. You can also marvel at the Émille David Garden at the main entrance, Avenida das Tílias, the forest and the design of the balconies over the Douro. And to capture a wonderful couple’s photo to remember later, enjoy the scenery of the viewpoint overlooking Serra do Pilar, the Alfândega do Porto building and the entire riverside area of Vila Nova de Gaia to the mouth of the river, standing out the Arrábida Bridge.

Sé Cathedral

In the heart of the city centre, you can find a breath-taking place: Cathedral of Porto. A majestic Romanesque building with an incredible view over the Douro. Who knows, the perfect place to propose to your better half or even to tie the knot?

Luiz I Bridge

From the Cathedral you can walk to one of the famous bridges that connect Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia, the Luiz I Bridge. In the upper arch, you have a privileged view over the two cities. We suggest you to stop and admire the beauty of Ribeira do Porto, the magnificence of the Clérigos Tower, the life of the people of Porto. How not to feel love with such beauty?

6 bridges cruise

Go down to Ribeira do Porto and embark on a romantic trip with your partner. Get on a traditional Barco Rabelo and enjoy a trip along the Douro River, crossing the six bridges that connect the two neighbouring cities. The landscape is beautiful and inspirational. Whoever tries it, just wants to repeat it.

Go up to one of Porto's rooftops

What better outing is there to enjoy the sunset than to savour a cocktail in a place with incredible views over the city? Enjoy one of the many rooftops in Porto, such as the 17º Restaurante & Bar or the Rooftop at Coliseu and take a moment to enjoy the view, the flavour and the company.

Travel by Historic Tram

With the cocktail over, why not embark on a new journey in a historic mode of transportation in the Invicta city, the Tram? Line 1, between the Historic Centre and Passeio Alegre Garden, take you on a unique journey along the banks of the Douro River.

It is a unique journey that takes you back in time of the means of transport.

Concert at Casa da Música

Finally, one of the best romantic plans is to attend a Concert at Casa da Música. A contemporary, irreverent building that welcomes a multitude of national and international artists. Imagine yourself in the middle of Casa da Música enjoying a good time and dancing to the music with your better half. It looks perfect, don't you think?


In Porto you will create unique and romantic memories to remember later. And then, we will be sure that the feeling will be so good that you will only want to come back. We will be waiting for you.

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O Porto é um dos destinos turísticos mais antigos da Europa e a riqueza do seu património artístico, o Vinho do Porto, os vastos espaços dedicados ao lazer e a sua vida cultural são apenas alguns dos motivos que convidam a visitar a cidade.

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