Among the contents of the new webpage of Museu da Cidade, launched on February 3rd, it stands out an “sítio invisível”, a black curtain that occupies the screen to invite the visitor to close his/her eyes and become a listener: Rádio Estação is on the air.

The radio station, whose first experience was developed at the Porto Book Fair in 2020, now occupies a fixed address on the Internet. The project assumes itself to be anti-radio, has no radio presenters, with programmes that aim to reach very different audiences and interests, interconnected by "Polén", a soundscape of the museum's stations.

Since last week that Estação has been expanding, inviting the listener to tour the city, now almost empty, through listening.

It is, therefore, through radio, that one of the main objectives of Museu da Cidade is embodied: the development of a sound axis, an emission point that starts from the stations and radiates the space between them. The mission gains an added strength in the times we live in.

The radio project intends in the future to develop special and face-to-face broadcasts, in a nomadic incursion, similar to what happened at Porto Book Fair. The first stay will be, if the health context allows, already this spring, at the Marquês’ Library.


New programme and new page on Instagram

The programme "Arca" began Thursday, a collaboration with the musical structure from Porto, Matéria Prima. Throughout the day, three notes interrupt Rádio Estação's broadcast to open a flying ark that covers the local creative latitudes and defies all silences.

Unheard, forgotten or unknown concerts are broadcast, an archive of treasures, non-recoverable, for the listener to discover daily and without an appointment. Thus, Matéria Prima incurs reconnaissance missions that capture the beat and creative commotion of the city, broadcasting a selection in tune.

At the same time, Rádio Estação also opened on Instagram a page dedicated to its "sítio invisível", simultaneously with the social media of Museu da Cidade (FacebookInstagramSoundcloud and Vimeo).

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