Covelo Park now has a dog park entirely dedicated to our four-legged friends. The construction, with about 3,800 square meters, has already been completed and the space is open to everyone that wants to enjoy a pleasant area to walk their pet.

Started on August 3rd, the construction of the Quinta do Covelo’s dog park has now been completed and offers a new space that features an enclosed area with urban furniture and has some uses, which make this place nicer for the pets and their owners.

"It is a park that, in fact, in recent years, has been having a lot of people" and that already had "lots of people who walked their pets", but they were leashed for this purpose, pointed out the deputy mayor of Porto, Filipe Araújo.

"We had an idea of making available a part of the park's space, less used, so that they could enjoy a fenced space", in which it was possible "to let the dogs run free and for them to play, was also something that the population has been, for some time, asking us for".

It has several shades, provided by the vast vegetation of the space, in the area enclosed by a fence made of plastic mesh netting, there were also placed: concrete benches, so that the place becomes more pleasant; drinking fountains for dogs and owners; and bins with dog bags dispenser for picking up and disposing of dog poop.

The space has separate areas, this enables "large dogs to not be together with the small ones", thus creating "some separation that can help the space to become more appealing to walk your dogs".

In addition, the park also has a common entrance area, between the two areas, so that the owners can comfortably remove and put back the leashes on their furry friends, before entering and, later, when they leave the space.

Regarding space management, it will be equipped with more elements for dog recreation, namely "some trunks" and other objects that can be used to promote physical exercise, agility and dexterity of the dogs.

This is the second dog park in the city of Porto, which follows the first one which opened in Jardim de Paulo Vallada, in 2019.

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