The film "A location for every story", which promotes Porto as a destination for the film and audiovisual industry, was awarded at Terres Travel Festival 2020, an event based in the Spanish province of Tarragona.

The work "Porto Film Commission - A location for every story" was awarded as the best film in the "Promotional films of Film Commissions and Film Offices" category.

"We believe that our film captures the diversity of the city's locations very well, showing the beauty and allure of Porto. We were pleased that the jury also recognised the quality of our film", said councillor for Economy, Tourism and Trade, Ricardo Valente, expressing his gratitude for the award.

This is another honour for this film by Porto City Hall and the Porto Film Commission, which at the end of 2019 had already got two first awards, both in national and international competition, at the International Tourism Film Festival - ART&TUR.

Directed by André Tentúgal, the film promotes Porto as a cinema and audiovisual destination. The video has about five minutes and tells the history of the city, its modernity, heritage, landscape and environment.

Terres Travel Festival 2020 had a total of 298 films submitted, from 34 countries.

This is the second consecutive edition in which the award for the "Promotional Films of Film Commissions and Film Offices" of the Terres Travel Festival goes to Portugal. In 2019 the award had honoured the film by the region Centro Portugal Film Commission.

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