Porto was designated in 2020 a “class A” city, an international honour awarded by the organisation “Carbon Disclosure Project” (CDP), which recognises the efforts made by the municipality to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to the impacts of climate change. The award ceremony of the CDP Europe Awards 2021 took place this Tuesday (March 2nd).

The Municipality of Porto is included in the short list of 88 cities worldwide considered to be environmental leaders, who are working to become resilient, healthy and prosperous places to live and work.

This look at the commitment that urban centres make for a more sustainable future, will be one of the strong features of the CDP Europe Awards 2021: #BuildForwardBetter, which were awarded in an online ceremony.

At the event, whose line-up included a special video celebration of the “CDP Cities A List”, and world leaders such as Chancellor Angela Merkel attended, in addition to local mayors from different countries.

For the first time, the CDP Europe Awards 2021 is produced by Euronews, Europe’s most-watched news channel. The event brings together leading CEOs, mayors, investors and policymakers in Europe to discuss how it is possible to build a better future where companies, financial institutions, local governments and policymakers will be the main transforming stakeholders, urgently implementing clear transition plans for a new net zero emissions era.

Porto has a strategy for adapting to climate change

It is recalled that, at the end of 2016, Porto City Hall concluded the Municipal Strategy of Climate Change Adaptation (Estratégia Municipal de Adaptação às Alterações Climáticas-EMAAC). From this outlined plan for the sustainability of the city, 52 strategic options were identified that aimed to gradually prepare Porto to absorb climate impacts, adapt and counteract so as to reduce the exposure of its citizens to the effects of climate change.

Along this path, the municipality has been, among other things, improving the habitability conditions of the municipal housing. Energy efficiency, thermal comfort and savings are the direct results of this investment, which has already been recognised by the European Commission as good practice in the application of Community funding. A wide range of housing complexes has already benefited, with a view to promoting a more appropriate use of energy.

Energy efficiency, in addition to respecting the environment by promoting the use of renewable sources, allows enhancing the thermal comfort of homes and reducing the energy bill, giving buildings a greater sustainability.

The project's monitoring study indicates that there has been a significant reduction in energy consumption, in the order of 47%, and also in emissions, of approximately 50%, which is another step towards Porto's goal of halving emissions of carbon dioxide by 2030 and reach the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

In addition, the municipality is working to increase the local production of renewable energies, stimulating the establishment of energy communities with sustainable, decentralized production, storage, distribution and use of energy in the urban complex.

In order to better adapt to the risks imposed by climate change, the Municipality of Porto wants to double the green area, with the planting of native trees, the increase in soil permeability and with nature-based solutions in rehabilitation and construction.

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