Porto is today one of the European cities with the highest digital visibility and this high reach is having a direct impact on its position in the global ranking of the most outstanding cities at this level. The conclusion is from ING, the English communication group that publishes the comparative study "Digital visibility change 2019/2020".

The second edition of the research carried out by the multinational ING provides a detailed view of the impact that digital messaging has on cities as brands, demonstrating that they are committed to attracting recognition, talent and investment and to providing a new normality in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, finding in this strong digital presence a factor of differentiation, both through social networks and online news.

In the report's conclusions, Porto figures as one of the best examples of the impact of digital visibility (the number of people talking about the city online), where it occupies the sixth position in a table where the leading positions belong to the cities of London, Paris, Madrid, Istanbul and Barcelona, respectively, in this order. In this context, the digital visibility of the city of Porto stands out in matters related to technology, business and culture.

As reported by ING, after the second year in which it measures the European cities with the largest online presence, it is clear that small and medium-sized cities are beginning to gain a more competitive profile, as is the case of Porto which, on the back of the digital visibility achieved, rises from 38th place it occupied in 2019 to jump to 13th place in the global ranking, in counter-cycle with the trajectory of Lisbon, the other Portuguese city present in the study, which last year occupied 21st place and in 2020 fell four places.

The city of Oporto is thus capitalising on the potential of its data and digital image network and scale in the ranking as one of the cities most talked about in Europe, the result of its digital visibility.

For ING, the cities that understand the importance of this bet not only increase the awareness of the generality of people about the place, but also prosper in this world increasingly connected globally by the digital, influence investment and concentrate talent, which results in access to new opportunities.

In addition, the ING survey highlights that "the extent to which people talk about a city is positively correlated with the country's economic potential".

In the second publication of the study  "Digital visibility change 2019/2020", the top is extended to 50 cities, after last year's ranking included 40 cities. The conclusions of the report will be commented on by Ricardo Valente, Councillor for the Economy, Tourism and Commerce of the Porto Chamber, next Thursday, as he is invited by ING to participate in an online conference with representatives from other European cities on the impact of digital visibility on the positioning of cities.

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