A discount card allowing its holder great savings while visiting the city:

• free admissions to 7 museums;

• 50% discount in 14 museums and monuments;

• 20% discount in Serralves Fundation;

• up to 20% discount in 23 restaurants;

• 30% discount at SEA LIFE and up to 25% for the sightseeing bus;

• up to 20% discount on over 50 excursions in Porto and North of Portugal;

• discounts at over 100 points of interest: cruises on the River Douro, Port Wine Cellars, shops, restaurants, nightlife and entertainment, as well as unlimited travel with the transport operators integrated in the intermodal Andante network: metro, buses, trains;

• Does not include Tram and gives access to a trip on the Funicular.

The card is available in eight different options:


  • day – 6€
  • 2 days – 10€
  • 3 days – 13€
  • 4 days - 15€

Options with transport ticket:

  • 1 day – 13,€
  • 2 days – 20€
  • 3 days – 25€
  • 4 days - 33€

You can buy it online, in the Porto Tourism Offices and in the Porto Airport.

Porto.CARD: the best way to get to know Porto! Explore more, save more!

You can buy your Porto.CARD in person at the Tourism Offices and various other places.

All these places are listed at:

Where to get it

You can also buy it online. Select the option you want at:

When you buy your Porto.CARD at a Tourism Office, you may be able to pay in cash or by credit or debit card, depending on the payment options available at each point of sale. If you choose the Porto.CARD online the payment option is by PayPal.

After arriving in Porto, head to one of the several Official Tourism Offices, or to the Airport’s Interactive Tourist Shop.

​Your Porto.CARD includes a card for discounts and free entries, which will be activated after the date and time written on the card indicating that you want to start using the card. You just need to show it at the various places to be able to benefit from all its advantages.

On the options with public transport, the transport ticket Andante Tour is activated the first time you validate it at one of the card validation machines, at stations or in the transport itself. You always need to validate the card at the beginning of your journey, or when you change lines or modes of transport.

In the case of the 2-day (48 hour) Porto.CARD, we suggest you keep the two transport cards separate, or write on them in pen (day 1 and day 2), so that you can always be sure which card has already been validated.

​Your Porto.CARD is valid for 1 day (24 hours), 2 days (48 hours), 3 days (72 hours) and 4 days (96 hours).

Unfortunately, we cannot refund or replace any Porto.CARD that has been lost or stolen.

​We are unable to refund an unused Porto.CARD.

We are unable to refund an unused Porto.CARD.

No, once the date is filled out, the Porto.CARD cannot be changed. Any manually corrected card will not be accepted for free entries or discounts.

No. Trams or the funicular are not considered public transports. Porto Card gives you a 25% discount on the funicular, on one trip.

You can find out about all the benefits associated with your card here

​Together with your Porto.CARD, you will also receive a official city map and a guide with detailed information on each offer and the various types of transport you can use.

​To make use of any of the free entries or discounts included in your Porto.CARD, just show it when buying your ticket or shopping. Please mention that you have a Porto.CARD before asking for the bill or paying, particularly in restaurants.

Up to 4 years is not worth it since most activities are free of charge. From the age of 5 it depends on the activities you want to do with the children. Many museums already offer free admission or special discounts to children. Please inquire before your visit. The Porto.CARD is worth buying for children, especially if you intend to take sightseeing tours or visit theme parks. In public transport from the age of 4, children pay the same fare as the adults in the daily transport tickets, reason why it can be worth to purchase the card for children from that age and over.​

​Many museums and attractions already offer big discounts to senior citizens (65+). However, if you intend to go on tours, do some shopping or eat in restaurants, the Porto.CARD offers significant savings.

Senior citizens have no discount on public transport with the Adante Tour, so you only have to gain by buying a Porto.CARD with the travel option.

​The Porto.CARD is designed for individuals. However, if you order 20 or more cards, you will benefit from a 10% pre-VAT discount. This discount can only be obtained if you purchase the cards in person at a Tourism Office or when purchased from info@visitportoandnorth.travel

​Generally, each offer or discount on the Porto.CARD can only be used once. However, some restaurants and shops allow you to use the discount more than once. You will need to ask at each place if this is the case.

​Whilst your card is valid, you can use your travel card as much as you want. Please do not forget that you need to validate the travel card at the start of each journey, and when you change lines or modes of transport.

​Yes. The discount card can be used from the date and time that has been written on it. The travel card can be used as soon as you activate it at one of the machines inside a metro station or inside another mode of transport.

No, your Porto.CARD is for your personal use alone. Once you have used it for the first time, it cannot be shared or transferred to another person.

If the merchandise or service you are buying is already in a sale or promotion or has been specially discounted, the retailer is not obliged to offer the Porto.CARD discount. It is up to each retailer to decide if other cards, vouchers or discounts can be added to the Porto.CARD discount.

​No. Only the discount on one card can be applied to each invoiced purchase.

No. To use your discount, please go to one of the Official Tourism Offices.