To admire the tracing of the Fernandina wall, the Estação de São Bento’s tiles, or to lose oneself in the Ribeira’s nooks is a special experience that photographers, amateurs, or professionals, try to capture, looking to preserve in memory the details of these places. This and other angles of the best city destination in the world 2022 can be used for the World Heritage Photography Contest in Portugal.

This initiative is promoted by the Network of World Heritage Sites in Portugal, of which Porto Vivo, SRU, is a part of. The goals are to promote creativity, in a visual expression’s point of view, value and share Portugal’s world heritage sites, explore diversity of representations associated with the concept of memory, to foster expression, through photography, and stimulate an artistic spirit. A prize of five thousand euros will be awarded to the winner of this challenge.

The contest’s overall theme is “World Heritage Sites in Portugal”, although it is possible that the submitted photos can have a more metaphorical or abstract nature, as long as they relate to the proposed theme.

The Historic Centre of Porto is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since 1996, highlighting the oldest part of the city, where traces of medieval origins can be found in an engaging landscape of incomparable beauty. The Área de Reabilitação Urbana (Urban Rehabilitation Area) of the Historic Centre o Porto was the first one to be implemented by the Municipality of Porto, is under Porto Vivo, SRU’s management, and coincides essentially with the area’s limit classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The photographs must be forwarded to the UNESCO’s National Commission until September 30th. The regulation is available online (only in portuguese).

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