The street festivities on this night of São João are cancelled and, for this reason, the Porto City Hall has adopted several measures to discourage gatherings and the movement of people around the city. The withdrawal of most of the night service provided by STCP, Metro do Porto and CP is one of them.

With all the festivities of São João cancelled, this year the celebrations will have to be done differently, in small groups and, preferably, by staying at home. In order for the measures to be carried out, Porto City Hall, in conjunction with CP, Metro do Porto and STCP, discourages the movement of people across the city, with a concerted operation to restrict public transport’s offer.

Thus, transport services will not have any special service for tonight, and Metro do Porto ends its service at 11:30 pm, about an hour and a half earlier than a normal day of the week.

 CP also halted the service between Campanhã and São Bento stations, and the last connections to be made tonight are at 8:50 pm and 8:55 pm, respectively.

In turn, STCP will also carry out only the normal night service, ensuring the mobility of workers commuting to the workplace today, and the network of dawn on June 24, Wednesday , will be withdrawn and the day service will resume at 5:25 am tomorrow, with the timetable for Sundays and holidays.

Since car and pedestrian traffic on both decks of Luiz I bridge is prohibited as of 8 pm today (except for emergency vehicles), some will depart earlier, on both directions, and some routes will be diverted to Infante Bridge.

In addition to these measures, Porto City Hall also decided, together with Vila Nova de Gaia City Hall, PSP and Municipal Police, to increase the inspection, patrolling and urban cleaning management actions in the city streets during tonight.

In order not to compromise the good results obtained by the city and the region in the fight against COVID-19 (this Monday, Porto did not register any new case of infection for the 18th consecutive day), the Municipality encourages partying at home and safely. To ensure that the night is still lively, we recall that Radio Festival is ensuring a special broadcast throughout today, with a programme that brings together several well-known names from the Portuguese folk music scene.

Promoted by the municipal company Ágora - Cultura e Desporto, the initiative calls for this year to be celebrated prudently, but still cheerfully, with an alternative and accessible programme that does not pass over one of the most memorable nights in the city of Porto.

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