The renowned artist MrDheo recently completed, in the old Foz area, a street art mural dedicated to homeless people.

When he unveiled it, the artist mentioned the figures that show that Portugal will have about 7,100 homeless people, adding that the pandemic may have aggravated this social problem.

A situation that served as inspiration for the artist, who premieres with this work one of the two free walls included in the Street Art Programme of Porto. Of a rotating nature, these walls are located on Rua da Senhora da Luz (where MrDheo has already left his mark), and another in the area of ​​ Prelada.

In fact, it was the artist who started this programme in 2014. The Mural da Trindade, on Rua de Alferes Malheiro, is located on a side wall of the municipal car park with the same name. Next to it, there is a work by Hazul (this one closer to Rua do Bonjardim).

MrDheo's second intervention as part of this programme was born in Bairro de Francos. Whoever enters the city by metro, coming from the North side, finds, when approaching the neighbourhood, the monumental painting of a boy and, by his innocent look, the criticism of the glorification of social media.

It is the genius stroke and irony by one of the most acclaimed names in national street art, which he applies to all of his works.

Street art programme features more than 90 interventions

More than just freeing walls, the Street Art Programme of Porto established a new and closer relationship between the artistic community, the territory and its inhabitants, making this artistic expression an everyday experience, which it is important to value and encourage, within an authorised institutional framework.

Whether in derelict buildings, social housings’ facades, walls, side walls, EDP’s electricity boxes and transformer substations, but also in other more or less unusual places, there are must-see works all over the city, by emerging and established street art artists, such as MrDheo, Hazul, Daniel Eime, Miguel Januário, Third, Godmess, Mesk, Fedor, Costah, Sílvia Peralta, Rafi, Oker, Kino and Liken, and many more.

As a result of this initiative, more than 90 artistic interventions have already been carried out in the public space of the city of Porto, among works of an ephemeral or permanent character, in their most diverse expressions, involving more than sixty national and international artists.

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