With the renewal of the State of Emergency until March 1st, STCP adjusts again the offer of its bus services. The general lockdown and remote working, as well as educational establishments remaining closed, bring new changes as of Monday.

In order to meet demand, there will be a reduction in supply in 23 of the 58 routes of the daytime network: routes 206 and 304 will start operating with the so-called “Sunday timetable”, while route 508, which is currently in effect with “summer / August timetable”, the Esposade will be removed.

Another 20 routes will adopt the “Saturday timetable”. They are: 200, 205, 207, 300, 301, 305, 400, 401, 402, 403, 503, 506, 600, 601, 805, 900, 901, 902, 904 and 906. STCP ensures that “these adjustments were made taking into account the maximum capacity allowed per vehicle”, which is two thirds of the occupancy.

On the other hand, as there have been “some buses close to maximum capacity on some journeys”, there will be an increase in supply on routes 704, which connects Bom Sucesso to Codiceira, and 907, from Boavista to Vila D’Este.

All the remaining 33 routes maintain the current timetable, which the carrier advises to check not only at bus stops, but also at www.stcp.pt or via linhaazul@stcp.pt due to any adjustments that demand may create.

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