M.Ou.Co. This is the name of the new cultural and hotel space that is about to open in the city of Porto, in Bonfim. The project – whose hotel aspect is the first in the country with a multidisciplinary concept and openly aimed at the musical component – ​​opens next August in a soft opening. The official opening will be in September.

With a total area of ​​five thousand square meters, M.Ou.Co. comprises a total of 62 rooms, a restaurant, a performance hall, and a music library, where visitors will have the opportunity to discover a collection of vinyl records and books dedicated to the musical universe. The project also features three rehearsal rooms, a space dedicated to the musicians’ health and also outdoor garden areas, swimming pool, bar and terrace. “Stay. Listen. Play” is the signature of the project that describes itself as a place to stay, relax, listen, play music and experience, is a concept that brings together Tourism, Culture and Community, with Music as the guiding thread and aggregating element.

Investing on the cultural aspect: From health to leisure

With the aim of bringing cultures and interests together, and, above all, sharing experiences, M.Ou.Co., as a multicultural venue, presents itself with its own programming, designed on a monthly basis, mainly dedicated to music. The in-house cultural management team is in charge of ensuring the diversity of the cultural offer, catering to all kinds of tastes, from rock, pop, jazz, electronic and experimental music, to traditional music and world music. In addition to a series of concerts, M.Ou.Co. will also offer monthly workshops, masterclasses, and talks.

The highlight of the cultural aspect is the Sala M.Ou.Co., a multifaceted space with a flexible stage, natural light, and direct access to the outside. With 240 square meters and capacity for 300 people (standing) or 180 people (seating), the room was designed by José Prata and Paulo Machado, architects responsible for the stage mechanics and the hall design. In charge of the acoustic plan was Rui Ribeiro, an acoustic engineer specialised in the areas of acoustic design and noise and vibration control.

Another of the differentiating aspects of M.Ou.Co. it involves promoting the physical and mental well-being of musicians. This new space offers a “Saúde do Músico” (Musician's Health) area, with specialised supervision and will include a series of personalised initiatives, exclusively designed for the specific needs for the physical well-being of these professionals.

Restaurant: An Open Spot for the Community

At the restaurant M.Ou.Co. it will be possible to find a perfect combination between “comfort food” – inspired by traditional Portuguese gastronomy – and innovation and creativity. The cuisine will be by chef Sérgio Rosado, the dining space will feature an executive menu at lunch, à la carte dinner and also a tapas menu with vegan and vegetarian options.

Designed for a clientele with a wide age group, M.Ou.Co. is a space for music lovers, for creative people, but also for professionals from all fields, from the most creative to the most traditional.

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