Do you like to visit cities where you can explore places connected to nature? Porto offers an almost perfect symbiosis between urban surroundings and green spaces, with a wide variety of gardens and parks to explore.

Ready to discover the Nature of Porto? It will be waiting for you when everything is better.

Camellias in Porto

The undefeated city recognises Camellia as its flower. In March, even before the beginning of spring, the camellia begins to bloom in various parts of Porto. If you are visiting the city at this time, we invite you to visit some places recognised for the beauty of their camellias such as the Virtudes Park, Gardens of Palácio de Cristal and Marques de Oliveira Garden.

Botanical Garden

In the Riverside and Boavista area, you can find, one spaces that breathe biodiversity: the Porto Botanical Garden.

In the Botanical Garden, you will be dazzled by its 4 hectares full of variety of very different species. Formal gardens, with tall hedges of hundred-year-old camellias, gardens of xerophytic plants, with tropical greenhouses, of cactus and orchids, and many other exotic species.

The perfect combination of nature and knowledge.

Porto City Park

With 83 hectares, Porto City Park is the largest urban park in the country with an extension to the Atlantic Ocean, which makes it very rare and unique worldwide.

Its dense green area and extension, make the Park perfect for walks with pets, family picnics or moments of fitness where you can run freely between the cities of Porto and Matosinhos feeling the freshness and breeze of nature.

Passeio Alegre Garden

Between Foz and the riverside and Boavista, you can be dazzled by the charming Passeio Alegre Garden. Flanked by a Palm Avenue, this garden dates from the 19th century and benefited from Emíle David's participation in its gardening.

In addition to its beauty and natural wealth, here you can admire architectural elements of great value, such as two Obelisks of Nasoni, which came from Prelada Manor, have fun with a mini golf course and enjoy philharmonic concerts.

Image: Filipa Brito

S. Roque Park

If you go to the eastern part of the city, you will find a very peculiar place: S. Roque Park. With more than 4 hectares, there are several nooks and crannies to explore in this Park.

The garden displays romantic features with elements that were in vogue in the last century, such as minarets, hedgerows, fountains, bonfires, etc. But, what really catches the attention of its visitors, is the labyrinth of Buxus sempervirens. Here is our challenge, when visiting Porto, go to S. Roque Park, enter the labyrinth and look for the exit. We promise that it will provide you with a guaranteed fun time.

We have highlighted five points of interest on the greener side of Porto, but there are many more places to explore: Serralves Garden, Nova Sintra Park, Gardens of Palácio de Cristal and many more. We are sure that you will fall in love with each one of them and, if you cannot see them all on a first visit, when everything is better, you will always have one more reason to return. And, believe me, anyone who visits Porto once, miss it and wants to come back.

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    Last updated 2022-12-06

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